An ebook!

I’ve just published an ebook, Philip the Sea Lion, on iTunes, Amazon, and Lulu! In case you don’t know Philip yet, he’s an interesting sea lion who’s always wanted to be a real New Yorker.  He lives in the Central Park Zoo, where he reads the New York Times (he likes the fashion section best).  Late one night in the middle of winter, he escapes!

Philip the Sea Lion is a grape gift for ages 6-106. The nice thing about an ebook is that you can read it almost anywhere and the story flows beautifully! Philip’s funny journey through the streets of New York and Brooklyn will steal your heart.  Follow these links to find out more:  iPad,  KindleOthers.

Drawing Philip

Drawing Philip the Sea Lion is fun fun fun! Here’s a sketch I did recently for Philip on the High Line.

Here’s the final drawing:

You should visit the real High Line if you haven’t already.  You can find more info here:  In other news, I’m planning to open my very own Etsy store! With prints and mugs for sale. Stay tuned~~