An ebook!

I’ve just published an ebook, Philip the Sea Lion, on iTunes, Amazon, and Lulu! In case you don’t know Philip yet, he’s an interesting sea lion who’s always wanted to be a real New Yorker.  He lives in the Central Park Zoo, where he reads the New York Times (he likes the fashion section best).  Late one night in the middle of winter, he escapes!

Philip the Sea Lion is a grape gift for ages 6-106. The nice thing about an ebook is that you can read it almost anywhere and the story flows beautifully! Philip’s funny journey through the streets of New York and Brooklyn will steal your heart.  Follow these links to find out more:  iPad,  KindleOthers.

Four Birds

My dad sent me a book about Japanese Bird-and-Flower Paintings by Ito Jakuchu!  It’s called Colorful Realm, and it catalogues a special exhibition at the National Gallery of Art.  You can see the book here.

Jakuchu’s paintings are breathtaking. One of his techniques involves painting on the underside of the image, which makes it luminous.  After looking through the book for a while, I made these two pieces: 

You can find the first of these pieces in my etsy shop.